Welcome to Chellowdeen German Shepherds

Chellowdeen Kennels have been breeding German Shepherds for over 50 years, and although a very "small cog" in the wheel of German Shepherd breeders, we have endeavored to promote this great dog.

Mum with Pups
Chellowdeen Sharni with Pups


Our specialty is the nature of the shepherd and all our progeny have been reared here on our small mixed farm. Thus helping to ensure a well rounded example of this breed. We firmly believe that a shepherd can be molded into whatever course of life you need them to be, but a basic well-natured pup is an essential starting point.

We encourage buyers to introduce their new family member to as many experiences as possible to ensure their comprehensive development. Interaction with children being the most important.

We have our own line of bitches and only keep two girls at any one time to ensure that they are part of our family. We look for the most suitable stud dog as a complement to our progeny.

We are of the opinion that the right natured shepherd will be both a guard dog for you, your family and property but at the same time be welcoming to friends and visitors when you give the okay.


We have for the past 15 years adopted a natural food diet, eliminating chemicals and preservatives. This seems to give our dogs good health and longevity. Our last "old shep" leaving us at 14 1/2 years, with good health and an active life throughout.


We are currently using a beautiful stud from the well known Karlrach Kennels and he is giving us very impressive babies.