Chellowdeen German Shepherd Puppies


Gwen with German Shepherd Pups

Pups at 5 Weeks

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We have been breeders of Shepherds for over 50years and try to promote this wonderful dog with striving for puppies of good type, sound in health and above all excellent nature.
We are fortunate to have our own line of bitches over this long period and always use the best Studs available.
Our current litter is by Karlrach Roughish Charm "Roger" and we are privileged to be able to access such a great dog from this long standing and so well known Kennel. Chellowdeen Sharni is the bitch.
These puppies will be offered Fully Registered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and wormed and can be viewed on our website.
We would like to note that our feeding program is of only natural food, including our own grass-fed beef and hormone/steroid free chicken. With this combination and only rain water, we aim to produce as healthy a puppy as possible. Our breeders have gone onto very long and healthy lives, without any veterinary required assistance and this we feel sure, we can attribute to our feeding program.
The nature of our breeders (and hopefully passed onto our puppies) is such that they readily become a lovable, caring part of a family whilst at the same time learning to protect all that they love.

German Shepherd Sign