Available during the breeding season from September to March

Blue Bi-colour, Lynx Pt, Seal Pt. Bi-C0l0ur with Mitts

Seal Pt with Mitts

We rear our babies indoors until they are about 6 weeks old. They then are housed in an open air run where they become accustomed to nature - birds and dogs, trees and grass.

Lynx Pt

Some Examples of Colour Patterns

More examples added as they come available.


3 Blue Point Kittens


Diet and Health

The kittens' diet is preservative free meat with fruit and veggies, along with some complete cat biscuit.

We immunize and microchip all our kittens and offer for sale at a very reasonable cost at about 9 weeks of age.

You have the responsibility to neuter or spay at your discretion.



Relaxed Ragdoll