Welcome to Chellowdeen Ragdolls

Chellowdeen Cattery was established 50 years ago breeding Persian Kittens. We have recently started up again with Ragdolls, undeniably the most outstanding member of the cat world. VIEW KITTENS HERE

Blue Point kitten with Seal Point Mitted Mum

Our breeding stock are family members and our litters are reared inside for the first few weeks so they become accustomed to your home.

Blue Bi-Coloured Dad and Lynx Mum

They are then moved outside to an open air run (next to our aviary) where they meet birds and watch all our dogs through the fence.

Our babies are well trained and make a perfect addition to your family.
We offer kittens micro-chipped and vaccinated at a very reasonable price that you can afford.


Ragdoll babies are nearly completely white at birth and take time to colour up to their mature pattern. If you Google "ragdoll cats" and select "images", you will find examples of every colour. Choose a favorite, Gwen will let you know when a kitten of your colour preference becomes available. Click here to view Ragdoll colouring. 

Mature Seal, Mitted and a Mature Bi-Coloured Blue

Why A Ragdoll?

A Ragdolls' nature is unsurpassed. Gentle and loving, these cats love humans and are perfectly content to be indoors.

Easy care Grooming

Their single coat, although thick and long, is not prone to knotting. A quick brush once per week is all that is required